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case study  (적용사례)

Neya Systems Navigates to Success

Neya Systems relies on VectorNav’s VN-100 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) for its UxAB, a fully self-contained semi-autonomy and autonomy capable module used for the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS) Increment 1 Autonomous Behavior Capability Module.

Octopus ISR Delivers Precision Geo-Lock

Octopus ISR Systems utilize both the VN-200 GPS/INS and the VN-300 Dual GNSS/INS for the rugged and lightweight stabilized dual-sensor UAV gimbal, the Epsilon 140. The high accuracy, low latency data from VectorNav’s GPS/INS and Dual GNSS/INS is used for precision Geo-Lock, a geo-location capability.

High Precision Antenna Pointing

VectorNav’s VN-200 GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) provides critical, high accuracy, low latency position and attitude data to enable SkyTech Research to maintain pointing accuracy for SATCOM On-The-Move (SOTM) application.

A New Take On Precision Aerial Photography

VectorNav’s VN-200 GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) ability to output accurate position and attitude data at up to 400 Hz and high gyroscope angular rate range (±2000 °/s) enable Overwatch Imaging TK-series camera systems to produce precision aerial photography

Hydra Technologies Takes Flight

Hydra Technologies use the VectorNav VN-200 GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) for the S45 Balaam Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) primary flight control system.

Next-Generation Aerial LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR USA rely on the VectorNav VN-300 Dual GNSS/INS to develop the Revolution mobile mapping system, able to solve mobile mapping requirements faster and cheaper than other systems on the market.

Red Bull Air Race Search for Perfection

High accuracy attitude, position and velocity data from VectorNav’s VN-300 Dual GNSS/INS enables Red Bull Air Race to produce Augmented Reality solution known as the “Ghost Plane” for full race for the first time in the 2019 season.

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